Alsoft-VB Hand Disinfectant

Alsoft-VB Hand Disinfectant

Alsoft VB is a hygienic and surgical hand disinfectant developed by Japan’s leader in hand hygiene, Saraya Co, Ltd. Having 2 kinds of alcohol as its active components and Phosphoric Acid, efficacy against a broad spectrum of microorganisma can be achieved in a brief contact time with sustaining effect.

• The formulation containing two kinds of alcohol and Phosphoric Acid can achieve excellent bactericidal and virucidal efficacy
• Fast-acting antimicrobial agent: Hygienic handrub within 15 seconds, Surgical handrub within 60 seconds
• Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms: Kills most common bacteria, yeasts, mycobacteria and viruses
• Gel-free formula: Does not contain any gelling agents which can cause clogging and leave a sticky after-feel on the skin
• Contains moisturizers: Moisturizers with excellent skin feel (clean and smooth)

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