HTM 01-05. Decontamination

HTM 01-05. Decontamination

Decontamination in primary care dental practices.

Health Technical Memorandum HTM 01-05

 Levels – KEY

  • Essential Quality requirement: – to be complied with.
  • Best Practise: – Strive to Achieve.

Practise Infection Control Policy

All practises must have a policy in place and available for external inspection.

The policy statement should indicate full compliance with the ‘essential quality requirements’ In addition a written assessment of the improvements the practise may need in order to progress to meeting the requirements for ‘Best Practise’.

Decontamination environment:

Decontamination facilities should be clearly separate from the clinical treatment area” (separate room or rooms clean/dirty).

Not all practises are in a position to adopt this ‘best practise’ due to physical restraints (example building constraints) however practises should assess improvements they need to take in moving towards these and assess and plan towards achieving ‘Best Practise’.

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