Privacy Policy


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Fair and transparent Data Collection
3. Lawful and proportionate data processing
4. Accurate and minimized data processing
5. Assured data protection
6. Controlled access to data
7. Respect of persons rights

1. Introduction
Respect for privacy and the protection of personal data is a factor of trust, highly valued by Alkapharm UK, by focusing on respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone.

This External Data Protection Policy reflects the commitments made by Alkapharm UK as part of their daily activities for the responsible use of personal data.

Alkapharm UK is committed to a policy of respect and maintenance of high standards in terms of ethics, including the protection of personal data. For this, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed; who will work in conjunction with the DPOs of Alkapharm UK companies when they will have been appointed, if relevant.

As part of their economic activities, Alkapharm UK collect and process personal data relating to their customers, employees and economic partners, such as suppliers and service providers.

In order to foster innovation while building a lasting relationship of trust based on the sharing of ethical and responsible values and respect for the rights of individuals, Alkapharm UK have put in place the technical and organizational means necessary to protect the personal data processed.

The purpose of this policy is to present the commitments made by Alkapharm UK regarding the protection of personal data.

This External Policy, accessible on the website, may need to evolve to take into account legislative and regulatory developments, or any change in the Alkapharm UK organization.

2. Fair and transparent Data Collection
Alkapharm UK are committed to being transparent to the people involved in the collection of data : personal data must not be collected and processed without their knowledge.

Thus, before implementing a data treatment, Alkapharm UK undertake to verify that the persons concerned have been informed about:

– processing and/or treatments of their personal data;
– their rights.

This transparency allows those concerned to:
– know the reasons for collecting the various personal data concerning them;
– understand the processing/treatment that will be made of their personal data;
– ensure the control of their personal data by facilitating the exercise of their rights;
and thus establish a relationship of trust.

Alkapharm UK commits not to obtain personal data from third parties without first ensuring that these third parties have the necessary rights to collect and dispose of such data.

For further information regarding this External Data Protection Policy, you may contact the Group Data Protection Officer electronically or by mail at the addresses indicated in Article 7 below.

3. Lawful and proportionate data processing
When we have to process personal data, we do so for specific purposes : each data processing that we implement has a legitimate, determined and explicit purpose. Alkapharm UK refrain from implementing processing based on data collected illegally.

One of the goals of collecting personal data is to optimally manage the various relationships we have with our customers, employees and business partners.

4. Accurate and minimized data processing
For each of the treatments implemented, the Alkapharm UK ensure that they only collect and use adequate, relevant and limited data necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.

Alkapharm UK ensure that data, if necessary, is updated and to implement processes enabling the deletion or rectification of inaccurate data.

5. Assured data protection
Alkapharm UK gives particular importance to the security of personal data.

Alkapharm UK ensure that technical and organizational measures are implemented to guarantee the protection of data against loss, destruction or accidental damage that could compromise their confidentiality or integrity.

When elaborating and designing projects, or when selecting and using various tools which allow the processing of personal data, Alkapharm UK ensures, when appropriate, with the publishers that such data processing tools guarantee an optimal level of protection of the processed data.

This way, Alkapharm UK are implementing measures that respect the principles of protection from initial design as well as the default protection of processed data.

6. Controlled access to data
Alkapharm UK have strict autorisation policies which allow processed personal data to be transmitted only to those authorized to access it.

When Alkapharm UK need to transfer personal data outside the European Union, they do so only within the framework of specific contractual stipulations and in accordance with the requirements of the competent supervisory authorities.

7. Respect of persons rights
Alkapharm UK are concerned about the respect of the persons rights attached to the processing of their personal data, and recognize the existence of the following rights:

– the right to information;
– the right to access;
– the right to rectify;
– the right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”);
– the right to limit treatment;
– the right to portability;
– the right of opposition;
– the right to define guidelines for the retention, erasure and communication of personal data after death.

Alkapharm UK is able to respond to requests related to the exercise of their rights by the concerned persons throughout the data processing, in accordance with the conditions and time limits set by the applicable regulations.

The exercise of its rights by the person concerned can be done, unless otherwise requested, by electronic means to the following address, justifying his identity:

Concerned persons may also exercise their rights by postal mail, hence contacting the Group Data Protection Officer at the following address:

MNH Group
Legal and Compliance Department
Lyon Tower
185 rue de Bercy
75012 PARIS.

The concerned person must clearly indicate the identity of the data process responsible, his or her name and surname(s), attach a copy of an identity card and indicate the address to which the person wishes the response to be sent.

In principle, the person can exercise all of his rights free of charge. However, with regard to the right of access, he may be asked for the payment of reasonable costs based on administrative costs for any copy of the data that he requests.

As far as the right of information is concerned, we will not be obliged to provide follow-up on it when the concerned person already has the information that he requests.

The concerned person will be informed if we can not respond to her requests.

The non-information or the modification of their personal data is likely to have consequences in the treatment of certain requests within the framework of the execution of the contractual relations and that the request for the exercise of the rights will be preserved with follow-up purposes.